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We are a lifestyle company.

Since we’re a consulting company, our main focus is about working on other people’s problems which at first glance might seem like we’re missing purpose.

Our founding team is very aware of this as we’ve spent the majority of our professional lives working in or founding Silicon Valley-style VC-backed Startups and are keenly aware of the importance of having a clearly defined Mission and Vision.

Our applications are always open.

What are we looking for?

What we’re looking for here is someone that can take a project or client, gather the low-level business requirements, work with one or two juniors, and ensure the delivery of value that our clients expect.

Sometimes this involves a lot of Data Engineering, a lot of Data Analysis, and a lot of Machine Learning.

Why are applications always open?

Because we are picky with who we hire and we have more projects to do than our current team can serve. So, if we’re picky, how can you know if you are a fit? You are a fit if you  have a very rare intersection of interests and experience in the  following areas:

● Project Management
● Hiring and Training
● Data Science
● Data Engineering

Why are you a fit?

Here are 5 reasons why...
1. Network

We are a group of idealists who love our work and prioritise knowledge sharing. We believe the value of this is self-evident.

2. Good Projects

Since we are a brand that people are growing to trust, we have a good pipeline of projects to choose from.

3. Good Pay

We are 100% transparent with our team about the margins we take and how much money everyone is making. It’s very likely that we can find something that works for you.

4. Flexibility

Since we are a network, we can support each other. If you need to take some extra vacation or some personal time for any reason whatsoever, we can support that. If you need to decrease hours for some time, we can support that as well.

5. Partner Track

If you are so inclined, you can go on the track to join as a partner. This will give you a seat at the table which includes strategic responsibility, equity, and a hand in deciding what we will do with all of our profits.

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