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Talent  Agency

Reimagine the future of Outsourcing

We know from personal experience that hiring skilled and professional
Data Scientists and Engineers for internal teams is a daunting task.

Either because supply is short, technologies are always changing
or lack of knowledge of do-it-all companies, many profiles don't fit you business needs.

How we do it



Vetted and managed by technical people. DareData Partners are responsible for vetting people into the Network.


Account Manager

Account Manager will route relevant technical questions to Senior Technical People. Access QA+ and add support hours.



Margin is 100% transparent. Every stakeholder knows how
much everyone is paying and earning.


Locking Policy

After 1 year, you are free to directly hire the DareData member without any additional penalty.

Talk With Us

Outsourcing 2.0

Tailored Solutions

Access a pool of Data Science and Engineering profiles vetted by the DareData team. As our team has over 10 years of experience in the data industry, they will be able to define and find the data profile you need to achieve your goals.

100% Transparent

We are 100% transparent about margins and contract deals with everyone involved in the transaction. We believe that this is the only way to align incentives in an outsourcing placement.

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Our Industries

Our Placements

Data Science & Analytics

Our network members have a vast experience in applying data science and machine learning models in different industries.

Some examples of positions we’ve helped to fill→

Curated Possible Placements
Data Scientist

One of the most sought data profiles of the 21st century, data scientists are able to train statistical models to predict the future. Our network has several profiles tailored for different industries and ready to tackle specific use cases using their business acumen.

Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning specialists are able to work with advanced models (such as neural networks) with dazzling skill. Additionally, they are trained to work with a vast array of data sources such as image, text or video, helping you reach a new stage in your decision-making process.

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Data Engineering

Data engineers build and maintain frameworks that transform data in ways that are useful for analysis. This involves consolidating, cleansing, and structuring data from different sources.

Curated Possible Placements
Database Management and Architecture

Our specialists can work with business leaders and data teams to create innovative solutions for how information within an business will be organised and used by various stakeholders.

Cloud Engineer

Our cloud engineers are able to support you in building a optimized infrastructure to power up your data initiatives. Our engineers have supported multiple organizations transitioning their data to the cloud, either by migrating their current data pipelines and storage or by building it from scratch.

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Data Visualization

Transform data into a visual context, such as a map or graph, to it easier to extract and process useful information for effective decision-making

Curated Possible Placements
Data Visualization Analyst

A Data Visualization Analyst can identify and gather relevant data to address problems and recommend strategy through testing or exploratory data analysis (EDA).

Data Visualization Engineer

A Data Visualization Engineer can support companies in designing, developing, and maintaining user-friendly data dashboards using complex datasets from different sources.

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