Reimagine the future of Retail.

With the exponential growth of data, there’s a huge underlying potential to apply AI techniques and tools to transform data into actionable insights.

There’s probably more in your data than what meets the eye.

The retail environment is changing every day.

Proof Of Concept Projects

Understand if your idea is viable and how it works before deploying it to a larger scale.

Data Governance

Achieve data quality, consistency, completeness, accuracy and accessibility.


Understand in advance your needs and prepare your in-house team to be ready.


Use our network to recruit, filter, and select people with higher confidence.

Photo of one of the partners of the company (Ivo Bernardo).

“The way we apply our models for Retail looks into variables that are specific to both this industry and our client. It’s not a matter of the number of variables, but also the quality of the data that is applied.”

Ivo Bernardo, Partner

Set your way into the future.

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Since 2019 to large enterprises.
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Our team is carefully curated to be able to assist in your data problems.

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