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Meet your Data & AI technology partner

Make Data & AI work for you.

As Data & AI experts, we value talent, agility and the ability to execute as part of what makes us different.

How can we help?


Our Data & AI consulting services have built and assisted in more than 75 projects in the last 3 years. Our vast experience allows us to support you in setting up your data infrastructure or using complex machine learning methods to improve your decision-making process.

More than a technology company, we are business-oriented partners.

Talent Agency

Need someone to work with a specific technology? Our Talent Agency gives you access to a network full of Data & AI experts in data who can guide and assist you in developing the right solutions for your challenges.

We can provide outcome-oriented technical profiles to match the vision you hold.

No two businesses are alike and we know it.
This is why we believe tailored Data & AI solutions are the best way to achieve an effective and sustainable business growth.

Tech Stack
Keep using your current tech stack and avoid learning new systems
100% tailored to your business needs from beginning-to-end
Full Transparency
Develop a solid relationship of trust based on full transparency.
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Our Sectors

Sales & Marketing

Discover solutions that solve problems for Sales & Marketing

Finance & Management

Review tailored solutions from Finance to Risk Management

Industrial Operations

Get specific solutions customized to Heavy and Automation Industries

Business Operations

Find the solutions to running any business, reduce errors and increase automation

Big Data Organization

Make your Data flow as smoothly as possible

Conceptual Research

Develop R&D Projects with greater confidence

Our Industries

Our Expertise

Data Science & Analytics

Whether you want to build a Proof-of-Concept (POC) or solve a large organizational pain point using data, we can improve your decision-making using Machine Learning or Data Science. 

Check some examples of our projects →

Curated Business Cases
Product Forecasting

We’ve done multiple forecast models for our diverse base of retail customers. Our models aren’t only tied to past sales data but incorporate contextual information relevant to explain the demand of each product.

Computer Vision

Extract insights from your photos or videos. Be able to identify and track new insights or automate manual processes.

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Data Engineering

No Data works without Data Engineering. As Data Scientists and Data Engineers, we understand how to manage and organize data to fit your business needs.

Curated Business Cases
Cost Optimization

Optimize your cloud infrastructure to reduce your costs.

Data Pipelines for IoT

Build data pipelines and aggregate data from different sources. Combine data with external datasets for new KPIs.

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Machine Learning Ops

MLOps are a crucial part of any Data & AI development. Because most companies stay in the POC stage, we are experts in setting up state-of-art MLOps best practices and helping you leaving the never-ending POC loop.

Curated Business Cases
Model Monitoring and Retraining

Investigate your model drift and retrain it based on triggers.

Pipeline Testing

Make sure that your deployed model receives exactly the same type of data structure that you used on the development phase.

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