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Your Data & AI technology partner

We’re not a regular consulting firm.

Both transparency and independence are at the core of how we work and guide the development of strong and reliable partnerships with our clients.

More than Data & AI suppliers, we are reliable partners.

How we do it


Initial Discovery

Assess technological maturity and understand what is possible from your business perspective.


Proof of Concept

Test assumptions, dig into the data, and assess the viability of potential data projects.



Deploy your model into a real-world environment and track results as we go.



Iterate over performance tuning, cost optimization and model improvements.

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About Our Service

Solid Partnerships

DareData provides Data & AI Consulting Services to ensure that businesses can make better decisions. We want to become your partner in the AI world and our consultants will help you managing and developing Proof-of-Concept or Large-Scale projects using state-of-art data science and engineering methods.

Our Focus

Our team has a vast experience in several industries and sectors. We like to challenge our customers with new ideas, concepts and strategies while maintaining open communication and respecting your industry’s needs throughout the process. We are guided by honesty, transparency and dedication.

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Our Industries

Our Expertise

Data Science & Analytics

Whether you want to build a Proof-of-Concept (POC) or solve a large organizational pain point using data, we can improve your decision-making using Machine Learning or Data Science. 

Check some examples of our projects →

Curated Business Cases
Product Forecasting

We’ve done multiple forecast models for our diverse base of retail customers. Our models aren’t only tied to past sales data but incorporate contextual information relevant to explain the demand of each product.

Computer Vision

Extract insights from your photos or videos. Be able to identify and track new insights or automate manual processes.

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Data Engineering

No Data works without Data Engineering. As Data Scientists and Data Engineers, we understand how to manage and organize data to fit your business needs.

Curated Business Cases
Cost Optimization

Optimize your cloud infrastructure to reduce your costs.

Data Pipelines for IoT

Build data pipelines and aggregate data from different sources. Combine data with external datasets for new KPIs.

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Machine Learning Ops

MLOps are a crucial part of any Data & AI development. Because most companies stay in the POC stage, we are experts in setting up state-of-art MLOps best practices and helping you leaving the never-ending POC loop.

Curated Business Cases
Model Monitoring and Retraining

Investigate your model drift and retrain it based on triggers.

Pipeline Testing

Make sure that your deployed model receives exactly the same type of data structure that you used on the development phase.

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